Let’s Play Ball!

​Just a thought……..to these baseball/softball coaches out there. I think it’s awesome you volunteer your time or even the ones who are getting paid as a coach.  However, I ask you to keep one thing in mind. Some of these kids are looking at you as a male role model. You may be the only male that interacts with them in this way. You may be the only male that plays catch and throw with these kids. As you want to teach them to go for winning, let’s not forget about team effort and having fun while playing.

 I see some coaches who have kids in the game.  No doubt, most of their kids are awesome players. The coach in turn seems to think every child has the aame knowledge.  Coaches, your child has an advantage.  Not all kids have that male in their life teaching them the game. 

Remember that while you teach your team, It may be an opportunity to a huge difference to another child and family.  You may be the only father figure that child ever has.  Be diligent!


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