The Beginning of a Bad Relationship

Ha, this I know, now, after many mistakes.  Having three girls and one boy, these mistakes weigh on me.  My oldest two are married with a child, but my baby girl is 16.  Never had a real boyfriend yet.  I have learned she is a fixer like me.  Being a fixer is not good when it comes to relationships.  

“I am going to change, I will, really I will, for you.” they say.  No, no, no, that is jot how it works.  That is our first mistake.  Why are we even considering being with some one who needs to cchang?  If change needs to be made, then they are not the one for you!

“I only did it once, I won’t,  never again.”  What did they do ONLY  once?  Hurt you? Disrespect you? Hit you? If they care for you, once would never happen.  How many times did once really happen?

“You shouldn’t have made me mad, I won’t ever do it again.” How many times have we heard he wouldn’t do it again? 

“I am just no good. I am not good enough for you. I am just trash.”  If a guy says this to you, your response should be, “Maybe you are right.  If you do not think you are good enough for me then I shouldn’t waste my time.”  Never, ever, waste your time trying to prove to a guy he is good enough for you.  That is his job!! 

You can NEVER love someone into a good person.  You can NEVER love them into treating you right.  You can NEVER love them into the person you want them to be.  They are who they choose to be!

Always, always, be with someone who knows your worth.  If they do not know your value, they are not worth your time.  I could sit here all day writing about what guys do or even girls.  I have heard it all and seen more. 

Get to know that person, truly know them.  Watch the person you are interested in and listen, not with your ears, but with your eyes!