Raising kids, not dragging them down.

Making mistakes we all do. We mess up, sometimes more than we care to admit. Sometimes we choose bad lifestyles that we feel guilty about. You have a choice, change it for yourself and show your kids something better, well, that should be the ONLY option. However, some seem to make another choice, they pull their kids into the same lifestyle. Why they do this is only so they can feel better about what they are doing. Most parents want their kids to do far better than them but some, would rather see their kids live in the same state they choose to live. It is the only way they feel better about themselves. 

Sometimes our kids choose to live better life than we chose to, some of us are glad and proud.  Some then judge their own child for choosing a better life.  They choose to be angry with their child because they took a different path. This is not parenting, this is jealously, jealousy that you didn’t have the guts to change.  You then try and manipulate any situation to make them look bad.  You let your own low values destroy what little of relationship you remain to have with your child.  To continue this behaviour you will find yourself one day to be alone.  However, you could start changing that by acting your age and grow up.  It is straight shameful that society’s kids are growing up far faster than their own parents!