Today I decided screw the past, screw what everyone thinks, screw is I make myself look stupid, and screw anything that tries and keeps me down. Today I choose to start living! 42 years and I haven’t lived yet. I have overcome sooo much in this life yet have not lived one bit. Today I decided from this day forward I live! I have goals that I want to make. I am throwing them out to the world, however little or big that may be, nevertheless, Today I make them public. Number one is too be happy! Do things with my kids whether i have the money or not! Step out my comfort zone and make video blogs about my life journey.  A fitness journey as I have put my weight back on after a hospital stay and two months of steroids to get my asthma under control. 230 pounds from 181. Sad I know. I am sure I will have babbling and such and occasionally make realy points. Talks about depression and that terrible feeling that comes from flash backs of domestic violence. Videos to come! For anyone in domestic violence please know you are not alone!Today: